• In the Arctic will build a waste-processing complex

  • In the Murmansk region to build Russia's first recycling plant of full cycle, reports TASS.

    The company will occupy a plot area of 5 thousand square meters. Annually new landfill will be supplied 250 thousand tons of garbage. Solid waste from the station will be forwarded to the village the area between the Murmansk region. For the project will allocate 1.25 billion rubles.

    The opening of the waste processing complex is scheduled for December 2017. The establishment of a system of waste management will allow to solve the problem of accumulated debris noted in the regional Ministry of environment. The complex will include four reloading stations, the landfill and recycling plant for sorting of useful fractions. Objects will be built in Murmansk, Alexandrovsk, Severomorsk, Zaozersk and Ura-Guba.

    To date, the region has more than 500 illegal dumps. The amount of municipal solid waste in the area is about 314 thousand tons per year. Processing of waste involved 18 sites. Some of them are built without taking into account ecological, sanitary and fire safety requirements.


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