• At Windsor castle staged a festival Jaguar

  • More than 1,200 of Jaguar cars, including the rare collection samples arrived at Windsor castle at the opening day of the Royal festival in support of the Foundation Prince Philip. About it reported in a press release which arrived in edition".ru" on Wednesday, may 17.

    During the festival, the debut of a replica XKSS Roadster, 1957. Initially, it was created 25 these vehicles, however, not all managed to sell 9 cars burned in a fire in the shop.

    Cars drove through the historic town of Windsor and the lands of the castle. Among them was the only sample XJ13 1966 from the collection of the Jaguar Heritage Trust, created to participate in the race "24 hours of Le Mans".

    Jaguar Cars is a brand of the British multinational automotive company Jaguar Land Rover. The headquarters is located in the suburbs of Coventry of West Midlands County. Since 2008 owned by Indian Tata Motors.


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