• In the UK, the old piano found a stash of gold coins

  • In the UK continued the search for the rightful owners of the treasure extracted from an antique piano. If they don't show up, recognize the find property of the monarch, according to UPI.

    The existence of the hiding place became known in December, when the tool is sent for repairs. The master who repaired and tuned the piano, found inside a lot of gold polyovarian and sovereigns (coin worth one pound sterling).

    Coins were minted in the UK during the reign of Queen Victoria, and kings Edward VII and George V. the Oldest of them dates back to 1847 year, the new — 1915.

    The exact value of the treasure is not made public, but Peter Revill (Peter Reavill) from the British Museum claims that it is out of reach for most people amount.

    British authorities have established that in 1906 piano bought two music teachers from the County of Surrey. In 1983 it was acquired by living in the same region of the family. Who owned the instrument during the 77 years between these dates is unclear. In April, the trial will continue.

    In 2015 reported, Israeli divers found at the bottom of the Mediterranean sea two thousand gold coins, Dating back to IX-XI centuries. They coined the Egyptian Fatimid dynasty, under the control of which at that time was the territory of Israel.


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