• In the toilets of Beijing temple appeared scanners individuals for the issuance of paper

  • In the popular tourist complex of the Temple of Heaven in Beijing has set up six devices to the issuance of toilet paper with the scanner. On Monday, March 20, reports the Straits Times.

    The machines work in the following way: a visitor comes to him, and then the machine scans his face. She then gives the tourist of 60 inches of paper at a time. Get a new batch of the same person, only in nine minutes.

    Such measures as the administration of the temple complex went from-for numerous cases of theft of toilet paper. Some visitors visit the toilets of the Temple of Heaven and carry out in the bags, almost all of the paper.

    These machines were installed on site on Saturday, March 18. Some of them stopped working shortly after launch.

    Beijing Temple Of Heaven listed in the world heritage list of UNESCO. The area is 267 hectares. It was built in 1420 and is one of the symbols of Beijing.


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