• In the Center of the Roerichs, called the accusations against the organization of Satan

  • Vice-President of the International centre of the Roerichs Alexander Stetsenko said at a press conference "Cultural heritage in the modern world" held in the Moscow Central house of journalists, about the information attack directed against ICR. His words to the correspondent "Tapes.ru" on Tuesday, April 18.

    Stetsenko stressed that the right to works of art exhibited in the Museum, confirmed the will of Svetoslav Roerich transferred the organization of the legacy of his father Nicholas. "Everything that is dissolved is from the evil one. And there never will be justice where it flouted the will of the owner and the owner", — said the representative of the ICR.

    He called the actions of the authorities "armed seizure of the Museum." "We, along with the community worked to rebuild the monument. And that means if this Palace like someone from the leadership of the country, it starts its capture," — said Stetsenko.

    Vice-President of the ICR stressed the importance of preserving architectural monuments, which, he said, are "energy centers of the development of the whole culture." "All the cultural heritage sites carry a positive energy. That energy, which we usually call beauty. And the beauty of the culture. Without this it is impossible the development of society, begins its degradation: crime, corruption, murder, and decay", he concluded.

    Law enforcement officers blocked the building of the Roerich center on March 7. Investigators seized the exhibits of the Museum collection. The head of the Ministry of culture of Russia Vladimir Medinsky tied searches with the activities of the patron of the Museum, the former owner of Master Bank is Boris the Baker.

    ICR — international public organization, is in the Lopukhins ' estate in Maly Znamensky pereulok in Moscow. The institution is one of the centres of the Roerich movement based on the doctrine of "Living ethics". While ICR also has the Museum named after Nicholas Roerich.

    Nicholas Roerich — Russian painter and philosopher-mystic. Together with his wife Elena, he created a religious-philosophical doctrine of "Living ethics" (Agni yoga), which in the 1980-ies were very popular in Russia and abroad.


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