• In the celebrations on occasion of Day of national unity took part 650 thousand Russians

  • Under the celebrations of national unity Day was attended by about 650 thousand people. Significant violations of public order were recorded, said "Interfax" the official representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia Irina Wolf.

    "Only in Moscow the participants of the March "We are one" were about 80 thousand people", — she noted.

    According to Wolf, to maintain order at the events they were involved in "the staff of internal Affairs bodies of the MIA of Russia and of national guard troops, as well as employees of private security organizations, members of voluntary national teams and representatives of the Cossacks".

    National unity day celebrated in Russia on 4 November since 2005. The history of the holiday connected with the victory of the people's militia over the poles in 1612, when under the leadership of Minin and Pozharsky was taken to China town and liberated the Kremlin.


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