• In Thailand, a monk stole an iPhone from a seller in the store

  • In the Thai province Chumphon monk stole the iPhone lying on the table the seller of one of the local shops. The unknown man hid the mobile under the clothes, when the employee was distracted. The incident was caught on a video surveillance camera installed in the supermarket. Roller Monday, March 20, published Daily Mail.


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    • 12:07 pm on Tuesday 23rd May 2017  /  Россия
      The arrested mayor of Vladivostok earned is 160 times less than his wife

      The arrested mayor of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev declared last year the income of 552 thousand rubles, his wife earned more than 90 million rubles. Pushkarev was detained and transferred to Moscow in June 2016. According to the FSB, the income from the illegal activities of the mayor exceeded 160 million rubles.

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    • 12:03 pm on Tuesday 23rd May 2017  /  Финансы
      The Ukrainian model of begging money from the West called going to the bottom

      Ukrainian model begging money from Western countries is going down. On Tuesday, may 23, in his Twitter wrote the Russian Senator Alexey Pushkov. Thus he commented on the information that the United States will not give Ukraine the grants will replace loans to them.

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