• In Thailand, a monk stole an iPhone from a seller in the store

  • In the Thai province Chumphon monk stole the iPhone lying on the table the seller of one of the local shops. The unknown man hid the mobile under the clothes, when the employee was distracted. The incident was caught on a video surveillance camera installed in the supermarket. Roller Monday, March 20, published Daily Mail.


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    • 3:23 pm on Saturday 24th June 2017  /  Из жизни
      In the United States accidentally approved allowing pregnant women to kill the bill

      In the U.S. state of new Hampshire Republicans approved a bill that allows pregnant women to commit murder without any consequences. The policy did not immediately notice the vagueness of the wording in one part of the document. The text had to be corrected before the signature of the Governor.

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    • 8:37 pm on Friday 23rd June 2017  /  Из жизни
      The first female gondolier in Venice became a man

      German hi Aleksandra (Alexandra Hai), recognized as the first female gondolier in Venice, has announced a sex change. In 2007, she won the trial and officially became the first woman employed in a private gondolier in Venice. Hi planning to do a surgical sex change in San Francisco.

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    • 7:15 pm on Friday 23rd June 2017  /  Из жизни
      An Indian village was named in honor of trump for cesspools

      At the initiative of the charity Sulabh International, which is struggling with a lack of toilets in India, a small Indian village was named in honor of the President of the United States. Her elders agreed to the renaming, when they were promised for free to build pit latrines near each house.

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    • 6:24 pm on Saturday 24th June 2017  /  Бывший СССР
      The Ukrainian foreign Ministry expressed protest over Putin's visit to Crimea

      The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine sent the Russian foreign Ministry protest note in connection with the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Crimea. The Department considered the visit by the Russian delegation as "a flagrant violation of state sovereignty and territorial integrity."

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    • 6:02 pm on Saturday 24th June 2017  /  Бывший СССР
      The editor of the publication "Strenia" arrested

      Chief editor of the Ukrainian Internet-editions "Strenia" Igor Guzhva was detained on 22 June in Kiev on suspicion in receiving a bribe, detained for two months. The journalist entrusted with additional responsibilities in particular he must hand over the documents, allowing to travel abroad.

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    • 5:59 pm on Saturday 24th June 2017  /  Мир
      The Israeli air force struck at Syrian forces in response to the shelling of the Golan

      The Israeli air force attacked the positions of Syrian troops after a government-controlled part of the Golan heights exploded shells, who arrived from Syria. According to the statement of the army, was attacked by two tanks of the Syrian government forces and the place from where rockets were fired.

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