• In Tajikistan imposed a limit on electricity consumption

  • The government of Tajikistan announced the introduction of limits on the supply of electricity in some parts of the country. On Tuesday, November 1, with reference to the representative of the power company "Barki Tojik" Nozirdzhon edgori according to the portal "Asia plus".

    According to him, the cold led to reduce the flowage of the Vakhsh river, where the main hydropower plants of the country. This situation makes it impossible to develop needed to fully meet domestic needs the amount of electricity.

    "Now you have to use the reserves of the Nurek reservoir. However, to consume these stocks, we went on restrictions in rural areas," said edgare, adding that the limit will not affect the country's capital Dushanbe and regional centers. "In the regions of the country, electricity will not be supplied at certain hours, and to a certain extent: if it is used carefully, sparingly, that amount is enough for a long time", — said the representative of "Barki Tojik".

    Cold is not the first time leads to restriction of consumption of electricity in Tajikistan. So, in March 2014 in rural areas electricity were submitted four or five hours a day. Residents in some districts were left without electricity for days. The reason for the introduction of the limit was cold in the highlands, slowing the melting of glaciers and the consequent reduction in the flowage of water on the Vakhsh river.


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