• In the US, the coal yielded gas for electricity production

  • The production of electricity from natural gas in the United States in 2016 for the first time surpassed the production of electricity from coal. This is with reference to the materials of the International energy Agency (IEA) reports Rambler News Service.

    The IEA says demand for coal in the past year has decreased worldwide. However, particularly strong — just 11 percent - decline in the use of a solid was observed in the United States.

    The Agency also indicates that in 2016 renewable energy (including hydropower) provided more than half of global electricity demand, with hydropower accounted for half this share. The total increase in nuclear capacity in the world last year was the highest since 1993.

    At the same time at the end of 2012, the International energy Agency predicted that in 2017 the share of coal in the global energy sector is almost equal to the oil.

    In October 2013, the results of your research published the expert of the company Wood Mackenzie William Durbin (William Durbin). He argued that by 2020 coal will become the most consumed fuel in the world: its consumption will reach 4.5 billion tons of oil equivalent, while the share of oil is 4.4 billion tons. A major role in increasing the demand for coal, according to Durbin, will play China and India


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