• U.S. officer fined myself $ 300 for a fast ride

  • Police from the us city Sperry, Oklahoma, fined himself for speeding. About it reports UPI.

    One of the residents of Sperry took video of the vehicle at a speed exceeding 130 kilometers per hour. Behind the wheel sat the head of the city police office Justin Burch (Burch, Justin). Seeing the recording, he appealed to the citizens via Facebook.

    "I had a reason for haste, but my speed was unreasonable", — he wrote and said that after the complaint has written a fine and intends to pay for it just like any other citizen. The violation will cost him in excess of $ 300 (about 17 thousand rubles).

    Burch admitted to journalists that wouldn't penalize myself if not for the video. "But like others, I need to answer for their actions if I got caught," said he.

    In 2013 reported, the Japanese Minister Takumi Nemoto voluntarily imposed on himself the penalty of the monthly salary of a subordinate rudeness on Twitter.


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