• In the United States will withdraw 2.8 million washing machines Samsung

  • The safety Commission consumer products USA has announced a recall of 2.8 million washing machines of Samsung Electronics Co. This writes The Wall Street Journal.

    According to authorities, the upper elements of the structure during washing separate. The company received more than 700 reports of incidents related to faulty equipment. In addition, recorded nine cases of injuries, including a broken jaw.

    Under the recall procedure fall 34 model cars with a top loading, sold in the various outlets since 2011. As measures to remedy the situation provides for home repairs, discounts and returns. The company said that we are not talking about models sold outside North America.

    Previously had problems with such products such as Samsung smartphones, Galaxy Note 7. After it became recorded cases of spontaneous combustion and explosions of the batteries, the company stopped sales and manufacture of these phones.


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