• The network has made fun of the post Ukrainian Railways about lack of air conditioning

  • Netizens ironically accepted the message of the Ukrainian Railways ("Ukrzaliznytsia") Facebook, in which representatives of the company admitted that in most of the trains are not air conditioned.

    The post was posted on Saturday, August 12. In it, the carrier advises the passengers that due to "anomalous heat" and lack of cooling areas may experience "discomfort while travelling".

    "Encourage passengers to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun before you travel. In chronic diseases mandatory to have a medication recommended by your doctor, drink plenty of water, and in the case of ill health immediately contact conductors", — stated in the message.

    Some users in the comments said, the service of the company as in the "stone age", others indicated, what to fly by plane is cheaper, than to move in these "skotovozkami chambers".

    "But the Explorer offers beer for 30 UAH! This is apparently compensation!" — drew attention commentators.

    9 Aug press Secretary of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Larisa Sargan said, the head of Ukrainian Railways, Polish rocker Wojciech Balczun actually withdrew from the performance of their duties. In particular, according to the Gar, he almost was not in the workplace. On the same day it became known that the official has filed a resignation.

    8 August "Ukrzaliznytsya" announced about the severance agreement with the company "dneprovagonremstroy" because of poor maintenance of air conditioning systems. This was done after the scandal with the participation of Vice Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine Ivanna klympush-Tsintsadze. On 6 and 7 August, she rode the train Kherson — Kiev with broken air conditioning. According to her statement, the conductor of the heat lost consciousness. However, as noted by UNIAN with reference to the Ukrainian Railways, he became ill due to food poisoning.


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