• The network has urged to grant Russian citizenship to the villain from "bloodsport"

  • On the websiteChange.org began collection of signatures under an appeal to grant Russian citizenship to Ian Bolo — star of "bloodsport", the popular action movie of the late 1980s.

    "In recent years, many worthy actors from movies of the 90s received a Russian passport. The great Bolo Yeung (the author of the petition calls Bolo yen approx. "Of the tape.ru") must also be among them", — reads the text of the petition.

    The petition appeared on the website on 3 November, after it became known that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed a decree on extradition of Russian citizenship to American actor Steven Seagal.

    Seagal has expressed the desire to become a Russian citizen in September. "I'd really like a few months a year to spend with your friends in Russia, with people who love me here and wait" — he explained. At the beginning of the year he also issued Serbian passport.

    In 2013 received Russian citizenship, Gerard Depardieu. He was issued a passport for his contribution to the development of culture and cinema, while retaining French citizenship. In February of the same year, the actor was registered in Saransk.

    Bolo Yen is a Chinese actor. He became famous thanks to the film dedicated to martial arts: "enter the dragon", "bloodsport", "Double impact" and "severe blow".


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