• Born in SeaWorld last baby orcas

  • 25-year-old whale named Takara gave birth to a calf at SeaWorld ® in the U.S. city of San Antonio, Texas. About it reported on the website of the company SeaWorld Parks &Entertainment.

    The birth took place under the supervision of veterinarians and trainers. Park visitors will have the opportunity to see a newborn orca later. Her gender is not yet known.

    This is the fourth calf of Takara. He will be the last killer whale born in SeaWorld. In 2016, the company abandoned the breeding of this species in captivity.

    Orcas — predatory marine mammals related to dolphins and whales. Their length reaches 10 meters. Life expectancy in captivity as a rule, does not exceed 25 years. Animal advocates in the US are fighting against keeping orcas in circuses and amusement parks.

    In 2016 it was reported, in the far East found a crowd of white-orca mutants.


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