• In Saudi Arabia, refused to discuss the right of women to drive a car

  • The consultative Council (Majlis ash-Shura, Shura Council) when the Saudi king refused to even consider the possibility of granting women the right to drive a car. About it reports The Independent.

    The request was made by man — a member of the Board. In particular, for consideration to put questions: "What difficulties will arise if they [women] will begin [drive the car]?" and "What do you need to let them drive the car?".

    But the initiative did not even come to discuss, not gaining the necessary 50 percent plus one vote.

    In April of this year, the Deputy crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman al Saud said that the country is not ready for the emergence of female drivers, the newspaper reminds. At the same time the Grand mufti of the Kingdom Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah al-Sheikh explained that sitting behind the wheel, women are "prone to evil".

    Supporters give women the subjects of the Kingdom the right to drive the car argue that the current restriction is connected first of all with the local traditions and customs.

    The gradual expansion of women's rights began during the reign of the late king Abdullah, who made the participation of women in the Shura Council in 2013. Now out of 150 members of this Advisory body 30 are women.

    In December last year the Kingdom held municipal elections, to participation in which for the first time in the history of the state were admitted women. 20 of the nearly thousand of candidates were elected in different local authorities.

    At the same time, Saudi Arabia is the only country on the planet where women are forbidden to drive.


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