• Salekhard has dramatically decreased the number of residents ' complaints to the authorities

  • The number of references of inhabitants of Salekhard to the authorities fell by a quarter in comparison with last year: from 1343 to 1009, writes yamal.kp.ru on Thursday 27 July

    Most often people are concerned about the issues in the housing sector — 433 statements.

    At the same time, citizens still prefer to write to the administration on the paper, although the number of electronic applications is increasing. Through the Internet, their requests sent 110 of citizens

    Judging by the complaints, Salehard care about the issues of education, employment and social security. Most often, privileged categories, the authorities treated the disabled and families with children.

    In October 2016, it was reported that more than 100 poor families (total income is below the subsistence minimum - 10 thousand rubles) to Salekhard signed the contract with the bodies of social protection, for which they develop a detailed program of social adaptation and get to implement targeted financial assistance.


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