• Exactly in the building the police fired antitank grenade launcher

  • In Exactly unidentified fired antitank grenade launcher into the building of the police patrol, located on the street of Stepan Bandera. On Monday, March 20, according to the press service of the regional police.

    "At survey of a scene militiamen found the tube from the RPG-22. The room is damaged garages was converted into a gym, during the explosion there was no one there," — said in a press release.

    Criminal proceedings were instituted under article "Hooliganism" in the region introduced a plan "Interception", taken additional measures to ensure public safety and order.

    In August 2016, the security Service of Ukraine (SBU) informed on the prevention of terrorist attacks in Lviv railway. As assured SBU staff detained five people who intended to undermine the railway tracks in three directions. One of the suspects was arrested while laying explosives on a bridge.


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