• In Rostov theatre of Stalin's show "monk-monarch"

  • In the Rostov academic drama theater. M. Gorky will stage a performance about Stalin, reported on companies. The basis of the biographical drama "Stalin. Watchmaker" will play Vladimir Malagena.

    "The play is seen as a confession of the hero's Mausoleum, the hero, ready to stand before God's judgment and the Court Time. In fact, we have seem the monk-monarch, the ascetic, the man is a very complex character who has chosen the way of selfless and disinterested service to his country," — said the artistic Director of the theatre Alexander Pod. According to him, play him so much that he himself will be the Director.

    "Today, when the country from all sides the enemy is clamped in the vise, and repeat what happened before the war with the Soviet Union, there is a pressing need for state brilliant leader, a leader who could unite the nation and to respond to the challenges of time," said Pod.

    The premiere of "Stalin. The watchmaker" is planned for spring 2017.

    The Rostov academic drama theater. M. Gorky — one of the largest theatres of Rostov-on-don, the date of its Foundation is considered to be 1863, the year when was established the first permanent troupe of the theater.


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