• In the Russian army began a sudden teachings

  • A large-scale test combat readiness began in the Russian Armed forces by decision of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. On Thursday, August 25, said defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, reports RIA Novosti.

    "Today, in accordance with the decision of the Supreme commander of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation began the next surprise inspection. Troops of the southern part of forces and means of the Western and Central military districts, the Northern fleet, the General command of aerospace forces, commanders of airborne troops from 07:00 GMT are in combat readiness "Full"," — leads the Agency the words of the Minister of defense.

    Shoigu said that in the southern military district is also an active preparation for strategic exercise "Kavkaz-2016" and the complex command and staff training.

    In addition, the defense Minister instructed his Deputy Anatoly Antonov informed the military attachés of foreign States about the ongoing sudden comprehensive check combat readiness of troops.

    Earlier in June on behalf of the head of state Vladimir Putin was conducted check the army's arsenals and certain military bodies.

    The practice of unannounced inspections of combat readiness of the armed forces was renewed in Russia in 2013. In some cases, within them held large-scale exercises of the operational-strategic level with the participation of tens of thousands of military personnel and the involvement of ground military vehicles of different classes, as well as Navy and air force.


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