• In Russia recorded a growth of debt burden in workers of all sectors of the economy

  • Over the past six months, Russia increased its current debt burden (PTI) workers in all sectors of the economy. About it reads the National Bureau of credit histories (nbki).

    In Russia as a whole the average value of the current debt burden of borrowers over the last six months grew by 2.5 percentage points to 25.2 percent.

    The highest rate of growth of PTI was the sales, amounting to 10.4 percentage points. On the second place self-employed citizens whose load has increased by 9.2 percentage points. This is followed by workers in the tourist and hotel businesses, which recorded growth of 9 percentage points.

    At the same time, the lowest dynamics of growth was observed in lawyers (2.9 percentage points), employees of marketing, advertising and PR (3.6 percentage points), and HR (4.6 percentage points).

    The level of debt as of may 1, 2017, was the biggest workers of transport and logistics (36.8 percent), security firms (36.6 percent) and educational institutions (35 percent).

    Least akreditavimo were people engaged in the spheres of telecommunications and communication (16.8 per cent), information technology (18.1%), marketing, advertising and PR (23.5 percent).

    General Director nbki Alexander Vikulin so commented: "Over the past six months, the highest growth rate of PTI show sales professionals and citizens engaged in entrepreneurial activities. As can be seen from the study, now their income has become much less "comfortable" to service the loan obligations, than it was in 2016".

    NCB made a survey on the basis of data from 4100 Russian creditors. The indicator of the current debt burden is the ratio of monthly payments on all loans to the monthly income.


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