• In Russia created a kite for the exploration

  • United instrument Corporation (UIC) has developed a series of kites — kites, which will lead military intelligence. On Wednesday, November 2, reported in the defense industry, reports RIA Novosti.

    "Kite — this kite is actually a large area, which can rise to a height of several kilometers, solving a large range of tasks. For example, this is the perfect communications repeater for military ships, ground units. It can be used to transfer loads in rough terrain, for example, through the mountains, rivers, ravines, and also provide video and meteorological observations, radiation control and so on," — said the representative of the defense industry.

    The development is part of the OPK Dolgoprudny design Bureau of automatics. The Corporation also noted that the main difference from the kite balloon is the resistance to strong winds. Its design guarantees the stability of the flight, even during stormy weather.

    1 Nov in MIC told, that in 2017 will begin mass production of a robotic security system capable to detect and recognize targets at a distance of several kilometers. The complex can be monitored at any time of the day even in difficult climatic conditions, to find offenders and track their movement, passing all the information to the operator.


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