• Russia has developed a new navigation system for helicopters of naval aviation

  • In Russia completed testing of the new strapdown inertial navigation system for helicopters of naval aviation. About it the correspondent "Tapes.ru" the General Director of the Ramenskoye design Daniil Brenerman.

    "Deliveries will begin next year," he said. He stressed that the system provides for the return of a helicopter on a ship in zero visibility.

    Strapdown inertial navigation system is able to determine the location of the aircraft including stand-alone, without the use of satellite navigation and communication with ground objects. It can in the absence of external signals to determine coordinates and motion parameters of the object on which it is installed.

    Ramenskoye design Bureau (RPKB, part of the concern KRET) is one of the leading domestic developer of the avionics (electronic equipment for aircraft of all types).


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