• In Russia proposed to establish a Day of the popular will

  • The Deputy of the state Duma from "Fair Russia" Oleg Nilov has prepared a draft law on the establishment on March 18, the Day of the popular will. About it reports TASS Monday, March 20.

    "I believe that the example of the Crimean referendum is possible not only to celebrate the Day of national will. I propose to discuss the possibility of holding in this day of the referendum on the scheme of a single day on a variety of issues — Federal, regional, local, without intermediaries", — said Nilov.

    The MP believes that the Day of the popular will needs to celebrate the whole country and not only the inhabitants of the Peninsula.

    18 March of the MFA of Russia congratulated residents of the Crimea with the third anniversary of joining the Peninsula to Russia, the song "Sevastopol — banner".

    The agreement on the accession of Crimea to Russia was signed on March 18, 2014. The decision on the annexation of Crimea was adopted by referendum held March 16. Kiev does not recognize the results of the vote. Moscow, in turn, insists on the legitimacy of the procedure will of the inhabitants of the Peninsula.


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