• The Federal air transport Agency said there was no danger of collision of aircraft over Ivanovo

  • The threat of a collision between two passenger aircraft "Boeing" in the sky above Ivanovo region on Thursday evening, November 3, was not. About it RIA Novosti the representative of the Federal air transport Agency.

    "The danger of a collision was not! Information about dangerous rapprochement, which could lead to an accident, is untrue", — said the Agency interlocutor.

    Previously it was reported citing a source in the emergency services of the region in the sky above Ivanovo region dangerously close to two passenger liner. As a result of unauthorized lowering the plane, EN route flight Istanbul — Moscow, was near the plane flying from the capital of Grozny and gaining altitude.

    Has been activated on-Board systems, the divergence of the aircraft was completed successfully. In fact the incident is under investigation.

    In the Central regional emergency center, in turn, reported that this information had not been received.


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