• In Ryazan held a meeting the 25th of the coordination Council for culture of the Ministry of culture

  • In Ryazan held a meeting the 25th of the coordinating Council for culture at the Ministry of culture of Russia. The event was attended by the head of Department Vladimir Medinsky, the correspondent "reports Tapes.ru" on Friday, may 12.

    At the meeting of the Ryazan regional Philharmonic hall was attended by Ministers of culture and representatives of the departments of the 83 regions, as well as the acting Governor of the Ryazan region Nikolay Lyubimov, Deputy head of the Ministry of culture Alla Manilova. The meeting was devoted to the modernization of houses of culture and the development of new concepts of cultural and leisure facilities.

    Medinsky told about the tasks that lie on the regions to generate new models of DK. "All the house of culture, in which it invested even a penny of budget money should become a place for human development and for cultural activities", — said the Minister.

    According to him, the new model will help to strengthen the family values of Russians. The updated multifunctional house of culture, Medinsky explained, will include a concert hall, area for recreation, a cinema hall, a hall for game in Billiards, tennis and discos, room for children, library with reading room and Internet access, room for creativity, as well as outdoor athletic fields adjacent to the DC site.

    The Minister added that the Ministry of culture developed a programme for the construction and repair of rural houses of culture. In this program, in 2017 the regions from the Federal budget will allocate 1.5 billion rubles.


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