• As a result of shooting in the us city of Memphis lost the girl

  • Near one of the parks in the American city of Memphis, Tennessee, unknown staged a shooting. On Wednesday, November 2, reports news portal Local Memphis.

    As a result, 16-year-old girl was killed and five people were injured. According to the news portal, on Tuesday at 20:15 local time (04:15 GMT environment), six unknown persons opened fire on people and then fled in a tinted car. The shooters ' faces were wrapped in scarves.

    From the received wounds the girl has died on the spot. The victims were taken to the hospital. Three of them are in critical condition. According to police, the shooting could occur on the basis of some conflict.

    In mid-October at a party in Los Angeles was shot three and injured another 12 people. It is reported that at the celebration on the occasion of the birthday was attended by about 50 people. Between some of the members started arguing. The three of them left and then returned with guns and opened fire.


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