• In Omsk LDPR and "Fair Russia" will share one bathroom for the two parties

  • Regional branch of LDPR and "Fair Russia" are unable amicably to divide the office in Omsk. About it reports on Thursday, November 3, online edition "Superomsk".

    After the elections to the legislative Assembly of the Omsk region the part of the premises, which for a long time fully occupied by the unit of local spravorossov, gave to the liberal Democrats. In this case, the space now designed for two parties, there is only one toilet. This, according to the publication, adds to the problems of neighboring politicians.

    "Due to delay in documents "Zhirinovsky" given the opportunity to bring their property, but not given keys to the front door, which they can't get inside" — the "Superock".

    The acting coordinator of the Omsk branch of LDPR Anton Berendes told the publication that the members are ready to move out of office if they offer alterative in the same area.

    In the Legislative Assembly of the Omsk region according to the results of the elections, which took place on 18 September, passed four liberal Democrat and two spravorossov.


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