• In the office of "Officers of Russia" passed investigative actions

  • In the office of the public organization "Officers of Russia" in the 5th Kotelnichesky pereulok in Moscow on Friday, April 21, were conducted investigative actions. About it the newspaper "Izvestia" reported in a press-service of the organization.

    "Law enforcement agencies carry out investigative actions in the office of "Officers of Russia" in the case of a volunteer organization, who was detained on suspicion of robbery. We are talking about citizen Aleksandrov A. I., He was arrested on the night of April 18. Police were interested in documents relating to that citizen," – said the press service of the organization.

    According to the representative of the "Officers of Russia", "the organization has provided maximum assistance and provided all documents requested in the investigation of".

    Chairman of the Presidium of the public organization Anton Tsvetkov is the head of the security Commission of the Public chamber.

    As reported "Lente.ru" in the police Department for the southern district of the capital, on the night of April 18 on Biruliovsky street in Moscow, two unidentified men robbed the citizen of Azerbaijan the mobile phone while threatening the victim with a subject similar to a knife. The attackers, young man and girl, were detained in hot pursuit, and as it turned out, one of them is the inspector of the Russian public organization "Officers of Russia".

    In September 2016, the activists of the Russian Officers blocked the exhibition of American photographer Jock Sturges and said that she contains elements of pornography. Anton Tsvetkov was accused of the photographer in the offense, but later disavowed his own words and even called the police to check out one of the bloggers, which triggered his actions.


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