• In Murmansk area will restore historic chapel

  • In the Murmansk region started to rebuild standing on the shore of lake Cesinger chapel of the XVII century, according to "Bi-port".

    At the time of the restoration of the temple lay a protective geodesic dome, which will allow you to work on throughout the year. The supporting elements of the dome of larch was delivered last week.

    The decision about the restoration in 2016 was made by members of cooperative "Tundra", which has one chapel. The project was blessed North sea and Umbsky diocese.

    According to the "Evening Murmansk", work will be completed by March 2018. Restoration will be engaged not only the staff of "Tundra", but volunteers from across the country. Money for the restoration of the temple were raised using crowdfunding.

    As previously reported by the TV channel Murman, in 2016, the state Archives were found documents proving that the building is erected in 1861 the chapel "In the name of Christmas." It was erected in pursuance of the decree of Tsar Fedor Alekseevich, who commanded the magistrates to call on the infidels to convert to Christianity.


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