• In Moscow will pass the international festival of music The Beatles

  • Bitlomania teams from different countries will participate in the XII-th International festival of music of The Beatles, which will take place on 25 March in Moscow club "Theatre". About it "lente.ru" said the organizers.

    For seven hours on two stages of the club will be 12 groups, including The Funkles from Spain,The Fridays of Kazakhstan, the Moscow band the BeatBoys, The BeatLove, Apple Jack Band and others. The festival will be attended by the classics of Russian rock — group "the Optimum variant", in 2017, celebrating its 40th anniversary.

    XII-th The Beatles-the fest is dedicated to three major anniversaries: the 60th anniversary from the moment of acquaintance of the Beatles, the 50th anniversary of the album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and the 75th anniversary of Paul McCartney.

    In honor of McCartney's Father McKenzie and the Roots will play a program of his solo hits, and Sergei Gutan will present an unplugged set of songs McCartney. In addition, each team will concentrate on one song "beatle".

    In addition, the Moscow band the Stone Shades will present their versions of songs The Rolling Stones, and the team from Rostov-on-don, Green Floyd after closing the main part of the festival will play the program from Pink Floyd songs.

    The festival starts at 17.00.


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