• In Moscow, robbed a betting shop

  • Armed robbers attacked a bookmaker's office in Moscow. On Monday, March 20, according to TV channel REN TV.

    The incident occurred on Sunday evening. Two men broke into the premises of a bookmaker, located in Krasnoselsky street. The robbers threatened him with a knife to the administrator, then picked up a money bag and mobile phone of the victim.

    The result of a robbery, the establishment was damaged to the amount of 135 thousand rubles. Criminal case is brought. Law enforcement agencies are currently conducting a search for offenders.


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      Coach of Russia, commented on the renaming of synchronized swimming

      The head coach of Russian national team Tatyana Pokrovskaya criticized the decision of the International Federation for aquatic species (FINA) on the renaming of synchronized swimming in the dressing. According to her, the former name was more representative of the content of the sport, but renaming the essence will not change.

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      Synchronized swimming was renamed

      Synchronized swimming is renamed to the artistic decision of the Congress of the International Federation for aquatic species (FINA). The vote took place in Budapest, where these days passes the world championship on water sports. With the initiative about renaming of synchronized swimming by the international Olympic Committee (IOC).

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      Two Russians with a teenager without documents caught in the North-East of Ukraine

      In the Sumy region of Ukraine detained three Russians who illegally crossed the border with the Republic. We are talking about men at the age of 39, 27 and 15 years. The first was in possession of a military ID, the second is the internal passport of the citizen of Russia, and a third was missing any documents.

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      Poklonskaya told about the development of a convertiplane for the military

      The commander of the aerospace forces (VKS) Colonel-General Viktor Bondarev said that in Russia the interests of the military are created convertiplane and heavy drones. According to him, in the future, unmanned aerial appartata will be able to integrate into a single management system and to work "flock".

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      In Australia lulled the world's oldest Hippo

      Veterinarians the Australian Adelaide zoo has euthanized the oldest in the world Hippo named Susie who has lived for 49 years. The animal was suffering from a number of age-related diseases. The experts admitted that they went to such a step, because no longer can maintain the condition of the hippos at the proper level.

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