• In Moscow from-for a fire from not extinguished stub killed two people

  • In Moscow two people died in a fire started by a cigarette butt. On Monday, October 31 reports capital management TFR.

    In the night from 30 to 31 October due to a fallen lit cigarette butt in an apartment house in the street Lobachevsky in Moscow started the fire.

    "After the localization of flame was discovered the bodies of a woman born in 1941 and her son, whose age is established. Presumably the fire occurred due to a fallen Nepomuceno a cigarette butt. Previously, the death of both was caused by suffocation with carbon monoxide and burns," — said in the message.

    In fact PE initiated investigation verification.

    30 June 2015 around midnight in the Conservatory Tchaikovsky in Moscow from-for thrown a stub occurred fire. From the premises was evacuated 22 workers.

    The fire was assigned the second number of complexity from five. Already to one o'clock firemen managed to localize the fire.


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