• The health Ministry has proposed to equip the ambulance video

  • The Ministry of healthcare has proposed to equip ambulances with equipment for video communication, according to the newspaper "Izvestia" on Thursday, may 18.

    To complement all the "fast" technique for communication is part of creating a single centralized control room of the ambulance service. Innovation should operate on the basis of system "112". If the project is approved, doctors will be able to communicate with dispatchers or to assess his condition before arriving on a call, told "Izvestia" representatives of the Ministry of health.

    Experts, which refers to the newspaper, noted that innovations will help to avoid controversial issues in the work of ambulance crews. In complex cases, the EMT will be able to obtain online advice by specialists, contact the hospital.

    In addition, the intention of the Ministry, after the ambulance received a call, the crew will be available information from electronic medical records of the patient.

    Close to the health Ministry source said that while decisions on specific equipment is not accepted, but we are talking about tablets or similar devices. According to "Izvestia" in the provision of video calling one ambulance will need to allocate about 50 thousand rubles. In the Russian fleet of ambulances is 20 738 machines, the newspaper said.


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