• The Ministry of culture denied the initiative of the merger of RSL and NLR

  • Press Secretary of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation Irina Kaznacheeva denied rumors of a possible merger of the Russian state library (RSL) and the Russian national library (RNB). She stated this in an interview with "Tape.ru" on Tuesday, February 14, in response to the question of the treatment of the legislative Assembly of Saint-Petersburg with an appeal to stop the takeover.

    "To stop the Union is impossible, because you cannot stop what never began. All efforts of the opposition deputies of legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg more like a fight with windmills. Even more windmills that are not in nature," she said.

    "Talking about the initiative of the two libraries on a phased consolidation of efforts in order to optimize the work of electronic libraries, packaging, book collections and other areas, which would improve the quality of reader services, the salaries growth and modernization of these institutions," added Kaznacheeva.

    The press Secretary also explained that "statements about reducing the alleged "400 employees of NLR" and especially the accession of the St. Petersburg library to Moscow, was an absolute lie, spread by incompetent people, and personal interests".

    Regarding the dismissal of the chief bibliographer Tatiana Shumilova Kaznacheeva said that he considered unnecessary "to comment on those instead of running around the editorial offices and press conferences, in other words truants". According to her, the editor-in-chief is a formal title, though not the highest in the library.

    "Above, for example, "chief librarian" ( MFN 132), and the bibliography - 31, and the post rank about the same as the main specialist in the Committee for culture of St. Petersburg. So she's not Home, and no bibliography does not reflect a position", — assured Kaznacheeva,

    Earlier, the members of the Committee for culture of St. Petersburg legislative Assembly supported the draft appeal of the legislative Assembly by the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky. The appeal contained a request for additional information on the merger of RSL and NLR, and the request to stop the process of merging the institutions.

    The leadership of the Ministry of culture from the official declined to comment.

    Reports on the merger of NLR and RSL denied acting Director, Russian state library Vladimir Gnezdilov.

    Russian state library (formerly the USSR State library named after V. I. Lenin) is the largest public library in Russia and continental Europe and one of the largest libraries in the world. It is located in Moscow.

    Russian national library (former State public library) is located in Saint Petersburg. It is the second largest in the country.


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