• At MSU have studied the process of self-destruction of cells

  • MSU scientists described the mechanisms of the influence of post-translational modifications (PTM) of proteins of the caspase family in the process of their activation and the occurrence of programmed cell death — apoptosis. This study helps to predict new modification sites caspase, said in a press release received by "the Ribbon.ru".

    As noted by the head of the laboratory of investigation of mechanisms of apoptosis Boris Zhivotovsky, disturbances in the mechanism of the start and occurrence of apoptosis can lead to the destruction of neurons, as well as hematologic, immune, metabolic disease. This process provide special proteins-enzymes — caspases. Their activation contributes to a number of factors, among which improving temperature, DNA damage, and many other.

    "PTM play a key role in the regulation of activation and subsequent caspase activity, thereby playing the role of switches between programmed cell death and their survival, as demonstrated clearly in the article," — said the participant of the study Evgeny Prokhorov.

    In their work, scientists studied more than 250 sources, to identify the main types of PTM and their subsequent classification. The focus was, in what conditions are the changes and what they produce. Along with this was a comparative bioinformatics analysis of amino acid sequences of each caspase in vertebrates and invertebrates.

    The resulting data will allow you to create special activators to adjust caspase activity. This, in turn, can be used in the treatment of neurodegenerative and cancer diseases associated with dysfunction of proteases.


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