• The HAZE has appointed a new rector

  • At the Moscow state linguistic University was replaced by the rector. It is reported portal "The indicator" citing its own sources. According to the information portal, the decision was taken at the academic Council of the University held on January 30.

    Instead of acting rector of the University Igor manohina, whose powers expired on 1 February 2017, this post was assigned to Irina Kraeva, before holding the position of Dean of the faculty of English.

    Igor Manokhin was appointed acting rector of MSLU in February 2016. In this position, he was replaced by Irina Khaleeva, which has led the University since 1986 and was forced to leave because of their age.

    Moscow state linguistic University is the largest University of Russia in the field of linguistics, founded in 1804. University teaching 35 foreign languages, and trained more than ten thousand students.


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