• The liberal Democrats wanted to rename the Lenin Avenue in the highway of Ivan the terrible

  • Activists of the liberal democratic party proposed to change the name of Leninsky Avenue at the highway of Ivan the terrible. A related initiative in poetic form told journalists the party leader and state Duma Deputy Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the Agency reports city news "Moscow" on Wednesday, November 2,.

    "I propose that our project is relevant and serious: let it be Leninsky prospect highway Ivan the terrible" — read the policies.

    According to him, Lenin was "the destroyer of the country", and Ivan IV is undeservedly forgotten as a statesman, did much for the country. Zhirinovsky believes that the renaming is necessary, "when to go from Vnukovo foreign delegations understand where you're going". "Highway of Ivan the terrible, and ahead of the Kremlin, stands the Prince Vladimir (the monument), it would be impressed", he was quoted "Interfax".

    Leninsky prospect got its name in 1957. This is the second width of the streets of Moscow, she is from the Kaluga square to the Moscow ring road.

    23 Oct the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov offered to build a chapel in honor of Tsar Ivan the terrible in the capital of the Republic.

    In the middle of the same month in the eagle opened Russia's first monument to Ivan the terrible. It is set on the waterfront at the confluence of the rivers Oka and Orlik. Initially, the monument was planned to put in front of the Theater for young spectators in the city center, but moved because of dissatisfaction of local residents. Another monument to the king planned to open on 4 November in Aleksandrov.

    Ivan IV, nicknamed Ivan (1530-1584), the first Tsar of all Russia. Won the war with Kazan and Astrakhan khanate, subject to Moscow a large area. The reign of Ivan the terrible oprichnina was accompanied by mass reprisals and executions of the nobility.


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