• In Crimea, proposed the use of region for financial experiments

  • The Deputy head of the government of the Republic of Crimea (RK) Vitaly Nahlupin, who oversees the financial-economic bloc, suggested willing to experiment the Peninsula for testing innovations in the banking sector. On Thursday, April 20, he said in the framework of the Yalta international economic forum, reports the Sevastopol newspaper "notes".

    "Given the fact that Crimeans and the government survived two-currency system, custom tax system in 2014, the transition to the Russian tax system, I think that the territory of Crimea is just the experimental polygon, in which you can run various Bank instruments," — said Deputy Prime Minister. He noted that, in General, believes the current investment situation on the Peninsula, optimistic.

    Earlier Thursday it was reported that in five years the Crimea will be self-reliant region. According to the Minister of economic development Andrey Melnikov, a more accurate forecast can be given on the results this year. "We see that increasing taxes, as accumulated investment potential. Depending on these rates, we understand, in what point we leave from the point of view of unsubsidized development," he said.

    According to experts of the Gaidar Institute, the Academy and foreign trade Academy of the Ministry of economic development, income in 2016 were the fastest growing in the Republic of Crimea (nine percent) and Sevastopol (four percent).

    III international Yalta economic forum held in the Crimea from 20 to 22 April. In the fields AMEF planned signing of a dozen agreements worth more than 100 billion rubles. This year the forum is attended by fifteen hundred people, representing more than 40 countries. Of foreign delegations most numerous Italian.


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