• In China, a teenager rescued from quicksand

  • In the Chinese city of Yuncheng, Shanxi province, firefighters rescued a 17 year old teenager who got stuck in the quicksand. About it reports UPI. The rescue was filmed and posted online by one of the witnesses.

    According to local media, the teenager tried to commit suicide and jumped in the river but drowned, and fell into quicksand, hidden under a small layer of water. When rescuers arrived, he stuck hands and feet.

    One of the firemen, tied insurance rope, went down and tried to remove the teenager, but failed. Then he was joined by a colleague. Together they pulled a young man on the shore, and then got out themselves.

    In September 2015, the year reported, that Astrakhan police have released of quicksand bus with foreigners. In the village of Seroglazka, the traffic police found several tractors and a motor grader. Using this technique the vehicle Chinese brand King Long was able to pull onto a dirt road.


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