• In China stop stealing toilet paper

  • In the temple-monastery complex of the Temple of Heaven in Beijing cubicles of the toilets are equipped with devices for face recognition. Thus, the user sights is going to deal with the theft and excessive consumption of toilet paper, wrote on Monday, March 20, The Telegraph.

    Wishing to use the facilities must be suitable to the terminal. After scanning the faces, he will be allocated 60 centimeters of paper. The second time the same person will receive it after nine minutes after the first issuance.

    According to the publication, authorities in Beijing took similar action when frequent theft of toilet paper. Many have taken her out of the booths with him. Staff reported that sometimes the coils had to be changed in 20 minutes. Three days after the installation of the apparatus, the consumption has decreased five times.

    According to The Telegraph, despite the improvement in the statistics of consumption of paper, some scanners are already broke. Also wishing to receive the paper you have to wait 30 seconds which can cause problems for those who need to urgently use the facilities.

    Beijing Temple Of Heaven listed in the world heritage list of UNESCO. The area is 267 hectares. It was built in 1420 and is one of the symbols of Beijing.


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