• In Kiev the pool covered underground bitcoin farm

  • SBU and Netpolice found in the broken basin of the Institute of Paton in Kiev underground bitcoin farm. Reports about it "Strenia" with reference to the decision of the Sviatoshynsky district court of Kyiv.

    Specifies that only the pool was discovered 200 computers used for cryptocurrency mining. The issue and circulation of bitcoins on the territory of Ukraine is prohibited. In addition, during a pretrial investigation it is established that the suspects carried out the forgery of Bank documents.

    In early August, bitcoin is divided into two currencies after the user has rejected a new mechanism Segwit2x increasing the bitcoin block size to 2 megabytes (1 megabyte). A new virtual currency called Bitcoin Cash. After that, bitcoins rose by 23 per cent and worth more than 3.4 thousand dollars

    In the first half of 2017 British, German, and Spanish mathematics predicted that the proportion of bitcoins in the total market capitalization of crypto-currencies by 2025 will fall to 50 per cent and the combined share of others rise.


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