• In Canada unknown stabbed a student in the school yard

  • In the canadian city of Abbotsford unknown with a knife attacked two pupils of the senior classes in the yard of a school. On Wednesday, November 2, reported Abbotsford News.

    As a result, one girl died, another was transported with serious injuries to hospital. Her condition is stable, says CBC News.

    As notes the edition, arrived at the patrol "almost immediately detained the suspect." According to the chief of the local police Department Bob rich, the attacker — a young man who was not the students of this school, and perhaps was not acquainted with the girls. "Who is he and what motivated them, we have to find out," explained rich.

    9 Sep unknown attacked 14-year-old Muslim girl near one of the schools in the Swedish city of borås, located in the South of the country. According to the victim, a man "with a sharp object in the hands of the" threatened to kill her. The girl received minor injuries in the arm. The day before in another part of town teenager with a knife attacked a 14-year-old boy at the entrance to the school. The child got a fright, the assailant was detained by the police.


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