• In South Africa in a car accident killed 17 students

  • At least 17 students were killed in road accidents in the South African province of Mpumalanga. About it reports Reuters.

    In turn, the local edition of Eyewitness News writes about 20 victims. At the scene arrived rescuers and physicians.

    According to News 24, a minibus carrying students overturned and caught fire. About the causes of accidents are not reported.

    20 March in Romania on one of the trails rolled over a bus carrying schoolchildren. In the accident, 13 children were injured and were taken to the hospital where they have provided the necessary medical assistance. The alcohol content in the blood of 61-year-old driver amounted to 0.34 ppm. The man told police that from fatigue fell asleep at the wheel.


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    • 5:59 pm on Saturday 24th June 2017  /  Мир
      The Israeli air force struck at Syrian forces in response to the shelling of the Golan

      The Israeli air force attacked the positions of Syrian troops after a government-controlled part of the Golan heights exploded shells, who arrived from Syria. According to the statement of the army, was attacked by two tanks of the Syrian government forces and the place from where rockets were fired.

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      The Manchester terrorist Packed a bomb in YouTube videos

      The suspect in the terrorist attack in the British city of Manchester, Salman Abedi assembled the bomb according to the instructions found in videos on YouTube. They also found that the necessary information on what chemicals to use, the offender is downloaded on the Internet.

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      In a mass fight in Germany injured 15 police officers

      A mass brawl between football fans and migrants occurred in Magdeburg. It was attended by about 150 people. To pacify them involved more than a hundred police officers, 15 employees pravoporjadka were injured, one of them was hospitalized. The reasons for the fight are set.

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      The Ukrainian foreign Ministry expressed protest over Putin's visit to Crimea

      The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine sent the Russian foreign Ministry protest note in connection with the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Crimea. The Department considered the visit by the Russian delegation as "a flagrant violation of state sovereignty and territorial integrity."

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      The editor of the publication "Strenia" arrested

      Chief editor of the Ukrainian Internet-editions "Strenia" Igor Guzhva was detained on 22 June in Kiev on suspicion in receiving a bribe, detained for two months. The journalist entrusted with additional responsibilities in particular he must hand over the documents, allowing to travel abroad.

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      Named the starting lineup of the Russian team for the match against Mexico

      Coaching staff of Russian national team on football has announced the lineup for the match against Mexico. On the field from the first minute will be Igor Akinfeev, Victor Vasin, Fedor Kudryashov, Georgy Jikia, Yuri Zhirkov, Alexander Samedov and Denis Glushakov, Aleksandr Yerokhin, Alexander Golovin, Alexander Bukharov and Fedor Smolov.

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