• In the Yamal tundra there was a release of methane

  • On Yamal there was a release of methane near the village of Seyakha, reports "Interfax".

    Local residents saw the flashes of fire from smoke. Presumably, the site of the blowout crater. At the moment scientists establish her whereabouts. "This is what we learned from our friend who saw the flashes of fire and then rising column of smoke," — said the Agency Deputy Director on scientific work of Institute of oil and gas problems of the RAS Vasiliy Bogoyavlenskiy.

    Presumably, the release occurred on the morning of Wednesday, June 28. To search funnels joined the Russian space Agency. "We connected a single geophysical service of the Academy of Sciences, which is three stations in Sabetta, Bovanenkovskoye field and Kharasavei will try to determine the coordinates of this release by earthquakes. When there is an explosion, an earthquake occurs, the station can fix," added the Epiphany.

    In April, on the Yamal Peninsula established seismic sensors for the detection of new craters. A similar device will be installed on Bovanenkovo and Kharasavey settlement.

    In 2014 near the Bovanenkovo oil and gas condensate field was discovered crater of unknown origin. According to experts, it was the result of natural processes, the details of which have yet to be clarified. Scientists were able to descend into the crater in November of the same year. It became clear that its depth reaches 16 meters.


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