• In the historical center of Yalta began preparations for cutting down 50-year-old cypress trees

  • In the historic center of the main Crimean resort of Yalta, on the territory of the school №9 in the street Moscow, builders began preparations for cutting down 50-year-old cypress trees. On Tuesday, March 14, reports the edition "notes".

    "The school part of the square was fenced for construction, information about the object and the developer on the fence there. The fence excavate, which, apparently, will be to excavate. Builders to introduce yourself to the correspondent of "Notes" refused. Residents of neighboring houses that oppose the destruction of trees, they also do not seem, to anonymously stating that they have "all the law"", — says the publication.

    Head of the Department of environmental municipal control of Yalta Alexander Gramotenko in an interview said that he is at the meeting in Sevastopol, but as soon as I return, "will investigate". "Residents now need to call the police to those recorded of a possible offense and checked the documents of the builders," said the official.

    "Notes" note that last year the mayor of Yalta Andrew Rostenko took the initiative to cut down all the cypress trees in the city, but later refused from this idea.

    13 Mar reported, that Rostenko landed on the town quay at his own expense one palm tree on the site demolished in late 2016, the year of the complex "Food." That instead of "Food" will be planted palm trees, Rostenko assured citizens on 7 March, noting that he and the Chairman of Yalta city Council Roman Derkach, at its expense, will provide two trees.


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