• In Iraq released from captivity members of the Qatari ruling family

  • A group of hostages out of 26 people consisting of representatives of the Qatari ruling family was released after 16 months in captivity in Iraq. About it reports Associated Press.

    This event followed more than a year of negotiations. The prisoners were paid a ransom of several million dollars.

    Currently, all former hostages are under the protection of the interior Ministry of Iraq, they will be shipped to your country in the near future.

    Family members of the Emir of Qatar, as well as citizens of other countries, took away in an unknown direction from a hunting camp in the desert of southern Iraq in December 2015. The responsibility for the kidnapping did not take any one of the existing regional groups.

    6 last April it was reported, from captivity managed to free two people from this group.

    The Arab States of the Persian Gulf after the incident with the abduction said that Iraq must take the initiative to search for and release of hostages, including "more than one member of the ruling family" because the Iraqi authorities have provided them with hunting licences. The Iraqi interior Ministry in response said that the abduction violated the license terms, and went beyond the area of guaranteed security.

    Rich hunters from Gulf countries often make travel in the desert of Iraq in the winter months to buy specially trained falcons for hunting rare birds Houbara bustard, whose meat is considered to be Arab sheikhs delicacy.


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