• In Germany started an investigation against Zuckerberg

  • Prosecutors in the German city of Munich launched an investigation against Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and top managers of the company — managing Director Sheryl Sandberg, Vice President of policy in Europe Richard Allan and his Berlin colleague Eva-Maria Kirstein. On Friday, November 4, reports Spiegel Online.

    According to the publication, they are accused of aiding and abetting the incitement of ethnic hatred. In the lawsuit, which was filed by the lawyer of Chan-yo Jun (Chan-jo Jun) of würzburg, said that the leadership of the social network is not fighting against the spread of incitement to murder, threats of violence, Holocaust denial and other offenses.

    The statement lists a number of cases where the company, knowing about any illegal content does not remove it.

    Spiegel Online recalls that Facebook in Germany has been repeatedly criticized for lack of response to the proliferation of questionable posts. In February Zuckerberg promised to solve the problem of haters in the social network.

    "This is a very important question. Haters — this is terrible, they have no place on Facebook. In Germany we did very well with this problem. But I promise — we will solve it", — he spoke then.


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