• In Yekaterinburg sentenced the gang of Tropikanka for killing villagers

  • In Yekaterinburg, the court sentenced the gang members to terms ranging from 2 to 19 years in prison for fraud and killing people because of the credit money. On Wednesday, may 17, reported the press-service of management SK on Sverdlovsk area

    The leader of the criminal group — the inhabitant of the settlement Neyvo-shaytanskiy 41-year-old Svetlana Stepenko nicknamed tropikanka got 13.5 years in prison. It 27-the summer civil husband Ilya Muravyov was sentenced to 19 years and one month in a penal colony. 28-year-old Vyacheslav Neglec, cohabitant daughter Tropikanka, sentenced to 16 years and one month. He also will serve his sentence in a strict regime colony. Less all received the entrepreneur of the 45-year-old Natalia Glagoleva — two years of corrective works with deduction of 20 percent of earnings to the state.

    The court also ruled to exact from them the moral and material damages in favor of the victims — three million rubles.

    According to investigators, Glagoleva, who owns a shop of fur coats, offered his friend, Stepanenko, who owed her a significant amount of money, to look for socially disadvantaged citizens. They issued loans to buy goods in the shop entrepreneurs within the framework of a cooperation agreement with one of the local banks. There was thus obtained 230 thousand rubles, which the members of the gang appropriated. When the security service began an investigation on these loans, tropikanka and her accomplices Ants and Neglec killed three villagers, which processed loans.


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