• In DND reported the death of 10 Ukrainian security forces in an unsuccessful attack near Mariupol

  • Ukrainian security forces attempted to break through the positions of the self-proclaimed militia Donetsk national Republic (DND) in the area of Mariupol and lost 15 men killed and wounded. On Monday, March 20, said the operational command of the DND, reports Donetsk news Agency.

    It is noted that the position of the militia fighters of Armed forces of Ukraine (AFU) attacked a force of two platoons under cover of mortar fire and armoured vehicles in the village of Kominternovo. "As a result of clashes, the enemy was forced to retreat to their original positions. During the firefight, the loss from the APU amounted to 10 killed and five wounded, and destroyed one armored vehicles BMP-1", — says the publication. It is emphasized that the collision injured three soldiers of the DNI.

    Information about serious deterioration of the situation was also confirmed by Ukrainian volunteers. "At the moment the enemy continues intensively shelling our forward positions from heavy mortars and cannon artillery (...). Attacks so powerful that the echo of the audible discontinuities in Mariupol, which has already come the first of the ambulances," — said on the project page "Come alive" in Facebook.

    12 Mar DNI said again the Ukrainian security forces attack militia positions in the sea of Azov. It was reported that in territorial waters of the Republic included two Ukrainian boats. The militia returned fire, one of the boats sustained serious damage.

    Mariupol is one of the largest industrial centers of Ukraine. From April to June 2014, the settlement was part of the DNR. In September of the same year, military equipment militias also entered the city, but the attack was stopped in connection with the signing of the Minsk Protocol.


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