• In Denver, opened the Church of cannabis

  • In the U.S. city of Denver, Colorado, opened the international Church of cannabis. This publication reports the Huffington Post.

    The organization took the 113-year-old building previously belonged to the Lutheran parish. The participants plan to engage in the ritualistic Smoking of marijuana, to arrange screenings and meetings with artists, musicians and other interesting people.

    In Colorado, authorized the possession and use of cannabis. Since state law prohibits to take the drug in public places, at events of International Church of cannabis will be allowed only by invitation. The organization has no plans to sell marijuana or accessories for its use.

    The representative of the International Church of cannabis Whether Molloy (Lee Molloy) stated that they do not believe in authoritarian structures, and do not dare to claim that you know what God has in mind. The adherents of this cult called hemp the "sacred flower" and believe that the ritual use of marijuana helps to understand the meaning of life and find themselves.

    In April reported, four of the five main candidates for the French presidency favoured the gradual decriminalization of marijuana use.


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